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Wolf Deadbolt

Wolf DeadboltPlease call 01279 411014 for prices.

Wolf-Bolt & Slam-Lock Systems

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The Problem: Your cargo can be stolen from the van by thieves who target vehicles when parked and locked. This is done by vandalising the factory-fitted lock. And it takes only seconds!

The Solution: Fit the new Wolf-Bolt system to all the cargo doors. This protects each cargo area door with a 14mm diameter steel bolt. Vandalising the locks will not gain entry to the protected area. Compatible with remote controls to operate the bolts at the press of a button.

The Problem: Opportunist thieves can steal your cargo whilst making a delivery if your driver doesn't lock up every time. You need to be sure that your van is secured, automatically, without any special actions needed by the driver.

The Solution: The Wolf Slam-Bolt is a fully automatic, tough, stainless steel bolt that secures the cargo area independently of the van's locking system. Vandalising the locks will not gain entry to the protected area. Simply closing all the cargo doors automatically bolts the doors. Compatible with remote controls to unbolt the doors at the push of a button.

Tried and Tested Security
These products have been developed after consultation with many vehicle-fleet owners to answer the security problems they meet day after day. Features include:

  • 5-second delay after door closure before the doors are bolted.
  • Doors automatically re-bolt after 30 seconds if not opened.
  • Internal key switch to open doors in case of transmitter failure.
  • Optional cargo area "panic button" to unbolt doors if the driver becomes locked inside.
  • 35mm x 70mm Deterrent Stickers

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