Our WolfElec intercom systems are world-renowned, highly-adaptable and channel technologies which have helped build the reputation we enjoy today. If you can’t see exactly what you need, talk to us about bespoke modifications and we’ll be happy to help.

Vehicle types

The WolfElec ambulance intercom system was specifically-designed for clear communication between the ambulance driver in the front and paramedic to the rear. Subsequently, it has become the choice of many leading ambulance manufacturers in the UK, Northern Ireland and Eire, and in Europe and the Middle East of the Red Cross and Red Crescent.

Our system is easy to install and simple to operate, with hands-free operation for the driver and independent on/off controls. Double rear microphones and flush-fit speakers as standard ensure the paramedic can hear and be heard from anywhere within the rear compartment.

Further specifications can be designed and built into our tailor-made products, and we can work with vehicle builders to develop bespoke harnesses for installation, should you require. Hearing induction loops are also available and all intercom kits come complete with wiring, speakers, microphones, switches and hardware.

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The WolfElec armoured vehicle intercom system was originally designed for ballistic-protected SUVs and is now used for Toyota Land Cruisers, Chevrolet Suburbans and Range Rovers, among others. This in-car system allows the driver to converse with people outside the car without compromising its security by opening windows, via a dash-mounted or foot-operated control. An external speaker transmits the voice of the driver, while outside voices are captured by waterproof microphone.

Options for this system include:
rear view mirror-mounted microphone for the driver,
handheld microphone for the driver,
single or dual external microphones,
a range of amplifier outputs with standard or heavy-duty weatherproof speakers.

Our design quality and choice of components make this system perfect for hostile environments where the conditions and temperatures are extreme, and can be installed at vehicle production stage in conjunction with manufacturer’s specifications.

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We’ve been making the WolfElec taxi intercom for 20 years, initially for London’s black cabs and later for other vehicles adopting security partitions between driver and passenger areas. Both the driver and passengers have on/off switches and an LED lets passengers know when they can be heard. Standard models include two rear microphones, twin flush-fit speakers and full component kits including wiring, speakers, microphones, switches and hardware. The warning signs often required by taxi licensing companies are also included.

As with all WolfElec products, we can work with vehicle builders to develop the best fitting for installation.

Hearing aid induction loop systems are also available upon request.

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We designed the WolfElec SUV and minivan system so that drivers can safely hear passengers at the back of the vehicle, without having to turn their heads or be distracted from the road.

We have two product options available:
The talk-back system is a one-way voice amplifier which sends the driver’s voice to speakers at the rear of the vehicle.
The two-way system allows the driver to hear the passengers at the back of the vehicle as well as vice versa.

The driver has a flexible ‘gooseneck’ microphone to speak into, which can be pushed aside when not in use. For two-way systems, passengers have discreet microphones in the side or roof of the vehicle. For passengers with hearing aids, we can also supply induction loops.

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The WolfElec custodial and prison intercom system was built with prisoner security in mind. In 2012, when most of the British fleet was replaced with new vehicles, including single-cell, soft-skin vehicles through to high-security, multi-cell armoured trucks, WolfElec was chosen to supply all of the highly-specialised manufacturers. These systems are now exported all over the world, falling into two main categories:

Driver-to-rear systems ensure the safety of the driver with a hands-free operation, while a number of options are available to the guard in the rear. These can include telephone handsets, an intercom control panel or components to integrate into your own console. Headsets are also available. In single or two-cell vehicles where no guard is present, systems to monitor and speak directly with occupants can be implemented.

Driver-to-outside systems allow the driver to converse with external parties without compromising vehicle security by opening windows. Our discreet but robust microphones and speakers allow for this two-way communication while keeping the vehicle secure.

Owing to the secure nature of custodial and prison transport, more specific information is only available upon request.

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The WolfElec bus and public transport system was designed in response to a request from Europe’s largest bus and coach manufacturer, to allow for communication between the driver and passengers at point of entry to the vehicle. As drivers have moved behind screens in line with modern security measures, our system has made it possible for them to hear and interact with passengers via ‘gooseneck’ and multi-level microphones.

WolfElec have created many bespoke systems for special vehicle manufacturers over the years and are happy to discuss any requirements you might have. For a single vehicle, up to the largest fleet. Past projects include:

Airport support vehicles, where communication between the driver and operator of the raised cabin is vital for loading and positioning alongside the plane. Hard-wired intercoms allow the driver hands-free operation while the cabin can speak via a discreet handset.

Highway maintenance vehicles, initially for those laying and collecting road cones, with wells either side of the vehicle from where operatives need to be able to contact the driver to communicate progress safely. Contact points are housed in waterproof enclosures with similarly waterproof microphones, speakers and call buttons, while the driver can operate the intercom hands-free, in line with legal requirements.

Horse boxes, control vehicles and motorhomes, with systems that can be used while stationary or on the move. The driver’s operation is usually hands-free and communication is possible for up to three locations via hand or headsets.

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This intercom system was developed for communication between the operator at the base and the fireman at the top of the snorkel appliance. In addition to the obvious need for clear communication, this system is also completely waterproof and and can be used by gloved hands in extreme conditions. Further modifications can be integrated upon request.

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The WolfElec security & cash collection vehicle intercom allows for communication between the driver and crew, ensuring the safety and security of its contents at all times. The three products available can be used in conjunction to create a system that meets all of your needs:

Components to allow the driver to converse with those outside the front of the vehicle (in a security post, or booth, for example) without having to open any windows or doors. Microphones and speakers can be discreet or clearly-marked, depending on your preference.
Components to allow the driver to converse with a guard outside—perhaps at the rear or door—before allowing them access to the vehicle.
Components to allow the driver to converse with the crew in separate compartments.

Each system is custom-designed to the vehicle’s specification, but will typically include hands-free operation for the driver and the same for the rear unless discreet communication is required, when headsets or telephone-style handsets can be supplied.

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The WolfElec mobility vehicle system was built to solve the problem of drivers not being able to communicate safely with passengers at the rear of the vehicle, who sit behind the wheelchair user. The talk-back system is a one-way amplifier which allows the rear passenger to hear the driver, while the two-way system allows both parties to be heard. Hearing induction loops are also available.

Kits come with all necessary wiring and hardware for installation, and OEM kits are also available to mobility vehicle manufacturers.

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My customer wants a bespoke system, can you accommodate this?
Yes, being the manufacturer, we are specialists in designing systems to suit different needs.
Are you able to ship products worldwide?
Yes, we regularly ship to customers all over the world. If you have your own shipping account we can use it to get your goods to you efficiently.

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