Much like with our intercom systems, at WolfElec we pride ourselves on our van security provision. Reliable, secure products with worldwide quality assurances offer peace of mind when protecting those items vital to your livelihood.

Security systems

The WolfBolt is our failsafe security system, combining modern technology with a proven idea to create one of the best products on the market. With an exemplary track record, and being invisible from the vehicle exterior, it’s an ideal product for both the consumer and fitter.

Built using the best electrical components, MES/Cebi motors give total peace of mind if fitted as per instructions, and using our universal kits will fit any kind of van on the market.

WolfBolts can be linked to existing alarms and include deadbolts for the back and sliding doors of the vehicle. Plug-and-play control boxes allow for ease of installation, with the system then able to operate via key switch or remote entry. Motion sensors can also be added for further protection.

Like our deadbolts, our slam locks are designed to protect your goods, allowing you get on with the job at hand. They can be purchased as module-only, to work with your existing locking system, or combined with our deadbolt kits for added security.

The WolfElec slam lock is a fully-automated system which can be added to factory-fitted remote control locking or added to vehicles without power locking if combined with our power locking kits. Simply closing all the cargo doors will automatically lock them, and they can be unlocked via remote control or key.

An electronic module and relay converts most factory-fitted remote systems to automatic slam locking in the rear cargo area. The module monitors the door pin switches that control the interior lights, so that when all the doors are closed there is a brief delay before all become locked

The WolfElec motion locking module is designed to secure or unlock a vehicle automatically, based on a customers’ specific needs. Which could include locking doors when a vehicle starts to move, unlocking them when the vehicle stops, keeping the doors locked when the driver applies the brake, among other uses. With up to four 10amp relays inbuilt, we’re able to write a programme specific to your requirements and specifications, and accommodate most combinations. Speak to us for further information.

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MES were the inventors of the Central Door Lock Actuator, which is now universally-accepted as the design and quality standard for others to follow. Using a product designed for original equipment installation, WolfElec has created multiple applications for the aftermarket. Recent exclusive developments include frictionless motors, direct-drive actuators and a system for connection to the latest cable-operated locks.

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My customer wants a bespoke system, can you accommodate this?
Yes, being the manufacturer, we are specialists in designing systems to suit different needs.
Are you able to ship products worldwide?
Yes, we regularly ship to customers all over the world. If you have your own shipping account we can use it to get your goods to you efficiently.

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