Terms & Conditions of Sale

Payment & Invoicing Terms

1. All invoices are to be paid in full before despatch of goods, unless credit terms have been agreed in writing between the two companies.
2. Agreed credit terms for all buyers are 30 days from date of invoice only.
3. WolfElec is not to be held responsible for the collection of order numbers from purchasers placing orders where the buyer specifies that they should be quoted.
4. The title in goods shall not pass from WolfElec to the buyer until all monies owing in respect of those goods has been paid to WolfElec in full. Until the title of the goods has been transferred to the buyer, WolfElec reserves the entitlement to the immediate return of the goods and the buyer hereby irrevocably authorises WolfElec to recover the goods and enter any premises of the buyer for that purpose.
5. VAT and all indirect taxes, duties and levies are unless otherwise shown, payable in addition to prices quoted. Invoices will be posted upon despatch of goods.
6. WolfElec reserves the right to apply interest, which is payable at 2% per month or part thereof in respect of any late payments to the agreed credit terms.
7. WolfElec may use its connection with the buyer in its advertising of its goods and services.
8. All goods will be carefully inspected before delivery, to ensure freedom from defects and general compliance with the order.
9. The buyer must examine the goods immediately upon delivery and within 7 days thereafter notify WolfElec in writing of any defects, and return any allegedly defective part to WolfElec at the buyer’s cost, in the event that no liability attaches to WolfElec in respect of defects. In default the buyer will be deemed to have examined and accepted the goods.

WolfElec Intercoms Warranty

Products manufactured and sold by WolfElec (the Company) are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months under normal use. If a product sold by the Company proves to be defective, the Company will repair or replace it free of charge within the first year.
All warranties are non-transferable and do not apply to any products damaged by accident, physical or electrical misuse or abuse, improper installation, alteration, any use contrary to its intended function, unauthorised service, fire, flood, lightning or other acts of God. Our warranty limits the company’s liability to the repair or replacement of the product only. The Company shall not be responsible for removal and/or any incidental or reinstallation charges, damages to or theft of the vehicle or its contents, or any incidental or consequential damages caused by any failure or alleged failure of the product to function properly. The Company neither assumes nor authorises any person or organisation to make any warranties or assume any liabilities in connection with the sale, installation or use of the Company’s products.

Returning Products

Please ensure to contact WolfElec before making any return. We require a copy of either the delivery note or product invoice to be with the goods, along with a description of the fault. Any goods found to be in working order will be returned. If you do not want the goods returned a handling charge of up to 25% of the value of the goods may be charged. If the goods are found to be faulty a replacement will be sent to you. WolfElec is not responsible for the cost of return carriage to or from our premises.