Voice Alert

Designed to meet the requirements of Transport for London and used on London buses, our vehicle information system with fire suppression integration is now available for ambulances, police, fire, military and commercial vehicles, as well as agricultural applications.

Vehicle information voice module with fire suppression system integration: WVM01000

Its prime purpose is to issue verbal advice and warnings to the driver in a potentially hazardous situation. Up to 100 messages in any language can be built in for this purpose.

There’s a dedicated circuit to monitor up to two smoke detectors, and a further nine circuits to monitor other sensors and switches on the vehicle. Critical circuits are constantly monitored and self-tested and can advise the driver if input wires are damaged or shorted to ground. A warning buzzer can be incorporated into the system in case the driver’s speaker should become disconnected.

The microprocessor allows programming so that messages will only play based on either a single input or by pre-determined combinations of IF/AND/OR inputs, e.g. only play message 1 IF a door is open AND the handbrake is off.

All programming options and sounds will be agreed between WolfElec and the customer. Fully-programmed modules with bespoke messages and sounds will then be supplied ready for installation.


Relay output

An output for a relay to be triggered, e.g. to operate a light as a visual warning.

CAN-bus input

To read signals from the vehicle’s CAN-bus system.

Two separate audio channels

For different messages for the driver and passengers.

Data collection module

To record event data for later download.

Telephone module

To enable text messages if critical inputs are triggered.
Typical uses include

Smoke and heat detector monitoring


Fire extinguisher pressure sensor


Excessive engine bay temperature sensor


Handbrake on or off


Vehicle in or out of gear


Sensitive edge


Vehicle in reverse gear


Battery power low


Door open or closed


Tyre pressure low


Excess speed alert

The module is suitable for use in 12 and 24 volt vehicles, which it detects automatically.
Modules are manufactured in our ISO9001:2015 accredited factory and are EMC-approved (E-marked) to regulation 10.06.


My customer wants a bespoke system, can you accommodate this?
Yes, being the manufacturer, we are specialists in designing systems to suit different needs.
Are you able to ship products worldwide?
Yes, we regularly ship to customers all over the world. If you have your own shipping account we can use it to get your goods to you efficiently.

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